Tuesday, 26 April 2016

"S" Is For "Serendipity" #atozchallenge

They met, they parted;
From strangers to acquaintances,
And back to strangers again.
Days passed on to being weeks,
Weeks to months
And never did they cross any bylane.

He never lost sight of;
The moment she had looked at him,
And the moment she looked away,
The moment when she was there,
And the moment she wasn’t.

He craved for the unanswered;
Reason behind her ignorance,
And the silence of her eyes,
Reason behind her half-done smiles,
And truth behind the buoyant lies.

One thing he was positive;
About her wanting to see him,
Her desire to be with him,
The gladness in her smiles when around him,
Made him pace towards her.

Serendipity it was;
The day they met,
And today is the day;
She wrapped in his arms,
Smiling overtly without conundrum,
Confessing their love.

From strangers to lovers;
They sauntered a long way.
Love is magical,
It definitely makes it’s own course,
Oscillating across wins and lessons.

I have signed up for Blogging From A - Z Challenge April. Today's post is for Day 19. The above picture is from interiors of Maharashtra, India.

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