A voracious reader. Love to travel (with my camera- wink wink). Enjoy listening to people (I hate to talk much). I absolutely love to write. I am one hundred percent engrossed within myself when I write. Writing is like a stress buster for me. It makes me feel "Zen like". Peaceful and Serene. Being a full time professional takes away most of my time but I still manage to write in tit-bits. 

This blog is intended to put my feelings into words. Whatever I post here is either my personal thought or my observation and experiences with people around me. Small things in life make big differences. And I try to wrap those tiny little things/moments in my shell and make them special.

This blog is a piece of me. A fraction of my heart and head. A slice of the skin of my feelings. I hope you would like it. 

Please feel free to write to me or share your thoughts with me at dipanwiita@gmail.com. Your opinions are always welcome.

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