Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Glassful Of Tides, Love and Happiness

Wavering between highs and lows,
Swelling and Subsiding
With moon smiling above.

I look at the river;
Moonlit and shining blue
Under the sky, stark and dark

Amorous and glacé
With powdered mirth and curvy smiles

A glassful of memories;
With teaspoon of humor,
A pinch of thoughtfulness and dash of swag

Like a swish tagged with desires,
How so whimsical, how so queer.

Can’t you just;
Not be a cloak-and-dagger,
Simply stick and flicker around.

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tranquility Surrounds

Gazing at the waves,
And their many attempts
To brush against my feet.

I turn my face;
To the wind
Dipped in salt
And bittersweet.

I time travel;
To the decade that passed by
Gifting reminiscences
Of simmering coffee
Smiling cookies
Melting sun
And twilights.

Aha love!
Your gracious smile
And glinting eyes
Piercing through
The realm of my heart.

I smile at the waves,
Endeavour triumphs
As they kiss my feet.

Bustling with laughter;
You and I.

One peck on my cheek;
Held in your arms,
I freeze and melt
In chorus
Tranquility surrounds.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Magical Mystical Moods

Indian Bloggers
The magic of life and moments;
Rants and laments.
The magic when heart skips a beat;
At mere sense of an unexpected feat.

That goblet of love and pint of tear;
Come together.  Always together.
Pain and ice, walk along for miles;
Break the ice with magic of smiles.

Oh so true! Says heart over mind;
Feel the magic when passion unwinds.
Dreams and smiles and all those sighs;
Coupled with gleam in those eyes.

When sleeping under the moonless sky,
Freckled with stars;
And, see the sun rise after waiting for hours.
The magic of being lost and found,
In and out; of sight and sound.

That place where sweet mixes with the salt;
And love happens over beer with extra malt.
The magic of music;
Captive and mystic.

That washing away of the snow;
With colors of spring.
Close thy eyes and feel the mystique,
Of magical moods, elfin but unique.

Magic it is;
Anywhere and everywhere around.


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