Friday, 31 October 2014

That Bliss When Promises Hang Around

Today, when BFFs is the tag of the time used to define friends,
Ours was the time when such things were in unawares;
Of all the terms and tags, all we could make sure of
Was to stick to each other all through life
And suddenly I realized, a decade has just passed by

When the world sleeps after dusk draws to a close;
When moonlit sky appears glowing above the soft hues of the snow,
When the cold strikes hard and time seems to cease;
That’s when I feel my breath grow heavy, with reminiscences
Of the decade that has just passed by

In the times when nuances of all emotions,
Manifested more often through actions than words
Actions were of the brats we used to be, Or rather,
Appeared to be, and were absolutely gratifying
To have spent the days being very much blithe

Along came the love affairs of all kind;
With both books and men that surrounded every sight
Books - Some new, Some Old and Some borrowed
And for Men- Talked, Hung around but at last harrowed
What today offers seems by all means lesser and every inch smaller

Friends mattered most, a lot more than kith and kin
After all, they were the keepers,
Keepers of secrets, and everything that lied deep within
Thoughtful of each other in every way;
Spending days and nights, talking our hearts out

With life treating each one with anomalies
Our hearts writhed for each other during all absurdities
Lending hands through thick and thin that came by
Each one taking a different trail branching out; that one promise,
Which made impact was, to stay in touch regardless of any dissimilarity

With time slipping away in such sturdy waves,
It always seems perfect to consider going flipside;
Walk down the memory lane; grab handful of cheers and whims,
Run along the shores of laughter and slip into the sand of blissful tears;
Walk, talk, laugh, cry; jumble thoughts alongside

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Tonight I wait for the moon to go to sleep,
Tonight I wait for the time to run faster,
Tonight I wait for the morning to arrive earlier;
For tomorrow is the day when we re-unite after a decade,
That’s why I feel my breath grow heavy, with reminiscences
Of the decade that has just passed by

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

I Dare Not Dwell On My Dreams Anymore....

I dare not dwell on my dreams anymore;
For then I shan’t be able to live for long
Which I wish to do for all those in need
In wake of your loveless adieu
I learnt to gather my wits and be strong.

I dare not dwell on my dreams anymore;
For love, after a while, becomes either bitter or sour
Interspersed on the way between many small breaths
Thus, is the veracity of life and it’s depths

My love for you certainly has no bounds
Hence I let you go and never turn around
For I know who and what I am to be without you
It’s you that I am sorry for, 'coz one day
You will undoubtedly turn back in dismay
Hence my love;
I dare not dwell on my dreams anymore


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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life Is Beautiful

This sinking feeling….I do not exactly wish to go with this but call it life, call it destiny or perhaps the this-is-what-was-meant-to-be like thing. Someday, I could prevail in understanding the exact reason for all that happened in the past months..I wish I would… This is the wrong time to think over these feelings and try reasoning with them.

Atleast that is what my head says…but do I go with what my head says or do I listen to my heart too…I may not be able to cope with the pain though…if I listen to my heart now. I let it pass for now…let my heart have some rest and I go with my head…’coz even my head wants my heart to rest for a while…

Matters of heart are very dubious…Let’s think and act practically for sometime...till I learn to swim my way through these high tides of emotions and pain…and till I learn to smudge the visions of past (to an extent) and shift+delete them from my head...

Well, is this possible? Shift+Deleting? I don’t think so… never. But I would love to move on. 

At the thought of living today (I would write about this next time this needs extra attention)…. I almost forgot what living today meant.

All these years, I lived with the soreness of past and the trepidation of future….I forgot to relish my “todays”…I completely stopped smiling and laughing….all I did was to just grin and that too half heartedly….I yearned to laugh my heart out…laugh till my stomach ached….laugh till tears rolled out of my eyes...

And yes, I did all untroubled soul that I was…when I gave a damn about the past and the future…those were the days….Did I loose them...I ask this question to myself very often…or did I just forget how to live…Definitely not….I do not regret the way I lived till today…I did just what I wanted to do…I loved being the way I was…I was and am honest with my heart and that’s absolutely necessary for me..being honest…

It was just a detour from regular trail for a little while….Now is the time to deviate…not that I regret…but this is not the end of life. Life moves on…Time passes by…Some people are only meant to be a small part of life….and some remain with you for lifetime. Like Princess Diana said- “Life is just a journey”

That's why, I have decided to start living again…I may not be that young but who cares….I am older and more wiser now…I am young enough to reconcile with the lost moments….I am strong enough to embark upon not so light situations and understand their profundity… Embrace life as it comes and do what I wish to do and love to do…be with people who love me the most and love them back….

’coz…The last thing I want to do when I look back on my life is to have regrets…and think “If Only”….(Inspired by famous quotes)

Life is beautiful. Cherish it. Love it. Live it.

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