Thursday, 14 April 2016

"L" Is For "Lurk" #atozchallenge

Years gone by;
You still lurk around in my head,
Like a monster in the dark,
Waiting to rip me off
My serenity,
My happiness,
And all things dear.

You keep coming back;
At every second thought,
Making me envious
Of all you took away,
Of all that I lost,
And all your triumphs.

I vow to rebound;
With vengeance
To prevail
Above and beyond your efforts,
Of belittling my existence.
And consign to the grave,
All of you,
The echo of your thoughts,
The chains of your memories,
All things apropos of you
And absolve my own self.

I have signed up for Blogging From A - Z Challenge April. Today is Day 12. The above picture was clicked during one of my weekend shoots. I had gone to shoot flamingos and came across this seagull strolling alone.

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