Friday, 14 August 2015


What remains is nothingness;
A giant void in the languid memories
Of all that was,
And that could not be.

Did anything make a difference?
Ask the heart that sensed it all,
The nuances of love, ecstasy and pain
Beyond measure.

That which was trussed;
Within obligations and domination
Of spineless love,
Is now unfettered.

That which has spread it’s wings;
Will find the way, through the clouds
Of agony, towards the rising sun,
That’s where one belongs.

The leap of faith;
And hope of light,
Uniqueness of the gleam
In those pair of eyes.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

And...In The Fullness Of Time

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Between the beginnings and the ends;
There is time that unfurls,
And the distinct universe does unfold.
Between being loved and unloved;
The mere state of one’s being turns unbeing.
Distances grow, endless chapters locked within;
Between prologue and epilogue.

Between being happy and unhappy;
Everything dwindles to become an impression.
Between yesterday and tomorrow;
Today is the best day, irrevocable too,
Let it sink in fervently.
Between being touched and untouched;
Are, surreptitious glances exchanged,
Till the magic wanes;
Between being kissed and unkissed.

Between being valued and unvalued;
Are, sentiments and emotions,
That behest to be felt.
When there are million seconds to fill in;
Between words and silence.
Time seems to stand still;
Between being spoken to and remain unspoken.
And eventually, time flies;
Between being expressed and unexpressed.

Nonetheless; That which demands to be
Felt is unfelt,
Loved is unloved,
Valued is unvalued,
Expressed is unexpressed,
And, in the fullness of time; Lost.

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