Monday, 11 April 2016

"I" Is For "Impromptu" #atozchallenge

How do you define joie de vivre;
"Everything impromptu",
I said, without a second thought.
The sun settling calmly,
The moon’s arc on a cloudy night,
The shower from the sky,
During dull summertime.
The call from that stupid friend,
Long lost in tides of time.
The little gestures of love,
From someone unexpected.
The smile from a stranger,
And pat on the back.
The hurried backpacking vacation,
Over obsolete plans of get-togethers.
The frothy clouds,
Gushing down the hilltop,
Like misty waterfalls,
Sans water.
What are these if not bliss.

I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. Today is Day 9. The above picture was clicked by me during my morning walk. I happened to spot huge number of herons near the marshes. I went back home, got my camera and tried to capture couple of beautiful moments.  

We do get to experience joie de vivre in many small things that come our way at the most unexpected manner and time.

My List From A – Z

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