Monday, 5 January 2015

And Hence It Waned, That Reciprocated Yet Unrequited Love

When the stars come flickering around, and moon settles at the heart of the sky. That’s when I start drifting into the hollow, swirling through. The hollow that you left behind, in the corner where you used to reside.

Searching for you throughout, in every nook and corner of this void. Tears rolling down; eyes piercing into the space above. Thoughts passing across my head accompanied with plethora of questions arising along.

Every Why? Every If? Every How? Goes up in the air.

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Not a single minute, not a single second. Not a single breath, not a single heartbeat. Misses without the thought of you. I fake that smile. The smile that you took away. I cover up all pain. The pain that you left for me. I gaze into nihility. Try recollecting my dreams. The dreams that you shattered to smithereens.

I keep wondering. Keep on reasoning. Your being so indifferent after all the affection. Your episodes of digress. I living your lies, with the clouded trust. You never understood. My significant leap of faith to believe in you.

Nothing mattered to you. My longing for those words of love from you. My endurance towards your rigidity. My holding back the feeling, to share the dreams I conceived for us. My forgiveness for you, even when I was deeply dismayed.

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You ripped apart the emotional realm of my heart.  Your rudeness squelched my inclination to communicate. Your stubbornness wiped away every possibility of closeness. You blew cold each time I supplicated for that one try. Now, your silence gnaws my calmness. 

Endings are grim and disquieting. Everything between us died. Bit by bit, in nugatory portions. You never realized. I was dead long before you did. My tears are just the meltdown. Like the aftermath of that avalanche. Every single ray of hope simply diminished away.

“May be, one day….I could rise from my own ashes…Like a Phoenix”

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