Thursday, 23 April 2015

Love Me. Will You?

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I search for my smile;
I left it on your lips, the last time we kissed,
Which you now possess, I gladly let you do.
Your mirth and laughter,
Allures me
I wonder, if I could acknowledge
All your dubeity.
I fall in love, all over again
Wish to linger in your arms;
Let me. Will you?
And drink your beauty with my eyes,
Flatter you till you flush,
Exchange glances, caresses, kisses
Bewitch me with your pretty smile;
And I shall cajole you to stay put
In my life. Endlessly.
Love me forever. Will you?


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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Take Me Away, Make Me Free

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“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
― Richard Puz

I am;
Turning into triviality,
With each grain of sand
Diminish beneath my feet.
Staring into tenebrosity,
Of the night, and
Wonder, how it never ceases to cheat.

If ever;
You see me digress,
Seduce me, with your smile so divine.
You feel my coldness,
And chills run down your spine.
Infatuate me, with your gentle caress,
Let our souls intertwine.

Hold me, with sensuous kiss, make me free,
Of all things I misunderstood
Love me, till the moment of adios.
Take my hand, take me away, walk with me,
Into the woods
Until my existence draws to close.

When in Life;
You decide to stop loving me,
Ask not for me to anyone, ‘coz
I, would vanish, bit by bit,
Into cessation
But, in all your memories, I would stay
For I, am your addiction.

I beseech you, to,
Never break off from love
And I shall follow you,
To the greens and the blues;
Of the plains and the seas
Beyond eternities.

Take my hand, walk with me; Take me away and make me free.


 **This poem has been published in Writer's Ezine June- 2015 issue and has been adjudged the Exceptional Poem for June 2015

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Red Roses

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran

I love red roses; she did reveal once
Though he never got one for her,
She persistently believed; in the mystical power
Of love.

And today, here he was; holding them;
The bunch of red roses, standing composed,
But couldn’t resist his tears, as here she reposed,

Powerless, he wept, with regrets, and watched;
Her taking leave of this world,
In her coffin she lay furled,
In peace.


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Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Bucket Full Of Fantasies

Wishes, dreams, whims and urges
My bucket’s full of these
I should make them come to life
Drop by drop, with little ease


Walk through paths of history
Bask in the medieval glory

Sit besides Henry and Anne; Gaze
And witness their love set ablaze

Hampton Court Palace- London

Travel solo and explore
Make new friends and have fun galore

Scuba dive into the oceans so pristine and deep
Trek to the alps so treacherous and steep

Capture in my lenses the entire wild
Alone with myself; happily beguiled 

Turkey- Image Source- Google


Appear on the cover page of vogue
And all the limelight I get to hog 

Sing numbers unplugged and play the guitar
Be conferred with the award of “Rising Star”

Gig on “Lungi Dance” with Shahrukh Khan
Star in “Taken 4” with Neeson Liam

Wash out every brain that’s rabid
Put some sense into the heads that are vapid

Get all minions to work for me
Have honey bee deliver me the honey

Source- Google

Own a park like the one in “Life of Pi”
Ride on the giraffe and with the kite I fly

Walk on the marshes of Sundarban
Sleep under the stars in the great white Rann

Adopt a tiger and name it “Pug”
And give the world a bear hug

Image Source- Google

I hope to live my bucket of fantasies
Also hope; one day,
You might propose to me falling on your knees

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