Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Unsaid Words

 “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
― William Shakespeare

Of all the years that I hope to be with you
And in those moments of lost thoughts
I hear them all; those unsaid words, feel I always knew
Them to be present, within the knots
Of your heart’s secrets; only to find them
Inter-weaved and concealed
Secured away from every despair and mayhem
I close my eyes, listen to the unsaid and desire to be healed
From the pain and hurt; let the fire quench
Of my burning soul
But, your stare stings deep; on this bench
I sit still; and let my fantasies go beyond control
I watch you, looking at me, with altering glances
Smiling and caressing, my curves on your canvas
I keep going back to my thoughts and wonder, of my chances
To live my dreams; I call it my madness
But my feelings perennial, and will always be
Such is my desire to grow old with you
You shake me out of my trance asking to have a look at me
Transfixed, I stand gaping vacantly
At the most beautiful painting I would ever see
Since it said those unsaid words;
“Be Mine, Coz I Care”
Our fingers entangled, your eyes staring through
All I could respond is “Yes, I will be there”

Picture Credit- Me "Painting displayed at KGAF 2015"

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Dear God! Where Are My Glasses?

Sometimes, when things just don’t go in the right direction and we start feeling demented, happiness comes in disguise, out of the blue, to make everything alright.

There are always good times and then there are bad days too. This happened around 10 years ago. My grandma had been keeping very ill. My family and extended families had gathered together as per her wishes, since she wanted all her children and grandchildren to be besides her as she felt she would leave for her heavenly abode any point of time.

Grandma had been detected with cervical cancer and was not ready to get operated, which, actually could save her life. Everyone in the family tried giving his / her best shot to convince her for the operation. However, she was too obstinate to agree. Her belief was to die natural death rather than dying on an operation table out of anxiety and horror.

Staying in a joint family is always fun. Especially for the children as they get good company and a lot of time to play. Children do not really need any friends to hangout with, since cousins satisfy that necessity. And we were a team of 11. Grandma spent most of her time with all of us, playing with us, instructing us on the nuances of old world games and teaching bengali rhymes.

The game session with grandma usually started after lunch. One fine day, during one of those sessions, grandma suddenly realized her spectacles were missing and to make things difficult, she could not remember when she had last worn them.

We started searching for grandma’s spectacles but without any success. The entire house was searched. Exhausted, we sat down besides grandma and started probing her in case she could provide any bit of information.

Grandma felt sad and then she uttered something very unexpected. “Dear God! Where are my glasses? Please find them for me and I will agree to be operated”.

Like thunderbolt, everyone hurried and started searching for the spectacles once again. There was a ruckus in the entire house. Suddenly, a voice screamed out from the kitchen, “Gramma, I got your glasses. Now you will live for long long time” cried out the youngest member of our family. A fountain of optimism springed up. Everyone clapped and hugged grandma. She had tears in her eyes.

I still remember what she said then- “No matter what comes by, being together and close to loved ones always nudges the optimism out in every situation.”

The lost spectacles saved our grandma’s life. She finally got operated and by God’s grace, she is still alive and healthy at 85.

Whenever I recall those days, I always feel the strength of togetherness. Staying together and close to our loved ones fills our lives with unparalleled optimism. Similarly, Housing too believes in the power of optimism and the power of being #together. We all must strive and #lookup for being #together.

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"Stay together. Stay optimistic".

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Destiny's Sarcasm

This post is dedicated to a loving father who recently lost his only son in an unfortunate accident. My heart goes out to both the parents. No words of condolence can replace their loved one. This is my small way to pay tribute to their loss.

The day
I held you for the first time
In my arms; Like a proud father
Your presence made my arms to sway
Your first cry;
Felt soothing like sound of a chime
Pretty eyes, twinkling with glee
My world, you had become
Sacrifices seemed worthy
For you I have lived; For you I would die
Many deaths

Picture- Google

I once again hold you; in my arms
For the last time
My senses nought, neither does my body sway
I search for those twinkling eyes;
Now lie unfeigned
I desire to hear you call me out
Behind me, you would hide;
Tease your mom with that wink and pout
You were my world, My Son
How will I live now? Today, I have died
Many more deaths

Picture- Google

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