Friday, 7 November 2014

I Wish !!!

I wish I had never known you; But I undeniably do

Falling head over heels was precisely not the me

Because that was one thing I always reckoned not to be 

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I wish I had never loved you; But I indeed do

Madly, deeply, insanely, Yes I still do

And forever will; come what may

For this is me and forever will be

The one thing I always reckoned not to be

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I wish I had the courage to back out and selfishly slip away with time

Yelp and laugh out loud; as I always wanted to be

But here I am, all alone

Just when I wished and believed; life is all about you and me

You are nowhere near and all left is just me

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Why did you go away thus; just the time when I needed you the most

With all the void around; I feel utterly lost

This is not the me coz this was certainly not what I had reckoned to be

I wish…How I truly wish!!! 

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Day Zephyr Lost Her Essence

There was so much I wanted to say,

But found myself gone astray.

The moment I believed all was on track,

Found all words vanished on the pathway.

I seem to be lost in the course of loving you,

Trying to find solace in my pain

Doesn’t once my heart beats without the thought of you,

All manifestations of my love seem to sail in vain.

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You wish I still be a fraction of your life

Remain in obscurity and never be celebrated

Concede I shall not, for I wish my company be rife

Hence, at liberty I ask to be, and that is concerted

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