Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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Those voices;
Wordless yet reverberating,
Deliquescing in the air,
And surrounding the periphery
Of one’s being.

The voices;  
Of the bow string;
Brushing against the cello chords.
Of birds;
Chirping and serenading.
Of leaves;
Ruffling with broken echoes.
Of the wind;
Whooshing past the waves.
Of reflections;
In the water that stands still.
Of thoughts;
Resonating in my head.
Of your heart;
When it speaks through your eyes.
Of time; ticking away,
Waking me out of my stupor.

The enchanting world of wordless voices;
Make me fall for wanting more;
More of solitude and a bit more serenity.


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  1. A beautiful pic, it has evoked even more beautiful lines. :)

  2. A picture to die for! And beautiful words too!

  3. Ah 😊 what wonderful lines...

  4. The lines and the image are very much matching.

  5. Sometimes, I crave for such voices. It shows the presence of life and hope around us. Don't you think it's only in solitude that we pay attention to such voices? Otherwise, we are lost in the cacophony. Beautiful poem.

    1. True that Saru. We can get away from the dissonance only in solitude. It helps us clear many unanswered questions of life too.

      Thank you :)