Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Half-Done, Half-Baked

Some things in life are meant to remain incomplete and patchy. Like incomplete love, incomplete resolutions, incomplete dreams, incomplete conversations and the list goes on. I too have quite a few in my kitty. Like my incomplete poems.

Today, I am posting one such half-done piece.

Only if I could;
Hold your hand and walk up the hills,
I would disregard my woes,
Of the blistered toes.

And if I had;
The wings to soar and stride above the clouds,
I would touch the sunshine, 
Carve our names across the alpine.

Pic Credit- Me- Early Morning Flight To Mumbai

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  1. The poem (not the wish), though you say is half done, looks pretty complete. :) The flight too covers a wide range from sunshine to alpine !

  2. I love it! Although it's incomplete :)

  3. Some things are complete just half way through.. this poem is like that..