Wednesday, 5 August 2015

And...In The Fullness Of Time

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Between the beginnings and the ends;
There is time that unfurls,
And the distinct universe does unfold.
Between being loved and unloved;
The mere state of one’s being turns unbeing.
Distances grow, endless chapters locked within;
Between prologue and epilogue.

Between being happy and unhappy;
Everything dwindles to become an impression.
Between yesterday and tomorrow;
Today is the best day, irrevocable too,
Let it sink in fervently.
Between being touched and untouched;
Are, surreptitious glances exchanged,
Till the magic wanes;
Between being kissed and unkissed.

Between being valued and unvalued;
Are, sentiments and emotions,
That behest to be felt.
When there are million seconds to fill in;
Between words and silence.
Time seems to stand still;
Between being spoken to and remain unspoken.
And eventually, time flies;
Between being expressed and unexpressed.

Nonetheless; That which demands to be
Felt is unfelt,
Loved is unloved,
Valued is unvalued,
Expressed is unexpressed,
And, in the fullness of time; Lost.

Published on Writer's Ezine- September 2015 Edition
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  1. Good flow of words. Nice lines.

  2. Impressions, expressions and perceptions, changing with time is beautifully depicted in your poem and in the picture too.

  3. Hey, Dips! You never cease to astonish! From dizzying heights of those lofty mountains to the spiraling depths of emotions...

    Good one!

    1. Hahaha! I can say the same about you when it comes to the unanticipated and witty twists in your tales Rakesh. Enjoyed reading your "Fishing".

      Thank you :)

  4. I loved the part where you have mentioned about today and sinking in it. Loved the ending verse.

  5. "Endless chapters locked between prologue and epilogue" ~ Wow! This is beautiful :)

  6. The last stanzz is simply wonderful...I loved th lyrical quality of the poem as a whole..:-)

    Nicely penned, Dipanwita... :-)

  7. Absolutely brilliant! There are poems and then there is poetry - this is good poetry. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Shubhodeep. Glad you liked it :)

  8. The words flowed like a clear stream, the lines wrap around you and stay there in your memory...for long

  9. Wow what a profound, deep poem.. I can see this as very spiritual as you have talked about the oneness of nothingness and fullness, as they are..

  10. Loved the languid flow of your thoughts.

    The few times I have visited your blog, I have always come back impressed.

    1. Thanks a lot for those kind words Purba. Glad you liked it. Do keep hopping by. Your feedbacks are always welcome. :)

  11. A beautiful as well as powerful poem with philosophical profoundness. Kudos, Dipanwita :)

  12. I just let these words do the talking to me and i sort of felt our of the world. Powerful expressions!

    1. Thank u for stopping by Alok. Glad u liked it :)

  13. Dipanwita I am so impressed by it ..Its an exceptional poem! Its profound , deep and yes, there is today which we can work on, still I (alone ?) found heart-breaking sadness in it.
    The image is so apt.

    1. Sadness and heartbreak is because people fail to value time. In pursuit of a better tomorrow, people fail to notice and respect the feelings of loved ones around. I tried to convey the feelings of few such hearts Kokila..

      Thank you :)