Friday, 24 July 2015

Fire And Wind

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“I love you more than words can wield the matter,
Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty”
-- William Shakespeare

I listen;
To your loving whispers,
Like bees humming into my ears.

I watch;
You stealing glances,
Like moon peeping through the clouds.

I feel;
Your fingers running through my hair,
Like waves brushing against the shores.

I reminisce;
About the seasons and moments,
And walk down the memory lane.

The winters too cold;
Warmed by your sheer presence,
The summer mornings and iced lemon tea.

Our walk;
In the rain and holding hands,
Under a single umbrella.

I still;
Smell your coolness and sense your fondle,
Like salty breeze flirting with the evenings.

I wish;
You would come back,
Like echos do from the mountains.

So what if;
The world coerces us to forfeit our love,
Like draining out all blood from the veins.

You and I;

Fire and wind;
Fire that ignites solely with the wind,
Soul and body;
Soul that inculcates life into the body.  

The love we share;

Like parallels, walking together yet never intersect,
Like sun melting into the sea but never consumed,
Like conjoined by heart still seem far apart.

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  1. A beautiful and heart-touching poem! I loved the lines: I wish you would come back like echoes do from mountains.

  2. Oh...that made a chill run down my spine...beautiful and poignant

    1. Thanks a lot Datta...I loved your poem "The Glass Soul". Very profound. :)

  3. So beautiful ..the expression of love that refuses to die down despite knowing that there is no hope of being together.

    1. Thank you Somali. The dying hope of being together expands the horizons of love more, making love the only emotional bond between two souls since there is no other relationship possible between them.

  4. That was just beautiful!

  5. You write beautifully.