Friday, 13 February 2015

My Quest For Those Simple Answers

Love and Care

Do I care to love interminably;

Or, do I love to care excessively

Whatever I dared to do;

Breaking apart from all taboo

In the midst of exasperating stares;

Rattled with the intervention affairs

I loved and cared;

With every atom of my cell

I could, in no account, imagine;

That doing thus, could afflict like hell

Picture Credit- Me

Didn't you mention that you loved me the most?

Or is it your pride you feared to be lost

How guileless of me to fancy it my way;

That love is above all; be pride or any dismay

And love conquers all, winning every heart;

That how flawless you were in that part

Didn’t you ever notice the ceaseless care in my eyes?

Or was it all sham for you, alike your ornate lies   

Wasn’t a decade adequate for you?

To settle on a set course

And what about those distorted promises?

You no more recall; and wonder you had ever voiced

Picture Credit- Me

May be, I bestowed much more than you deserved;

Contrarily, your neglects caused me turn unnerved

Legends said it so aptly;

Too much of anything always turns nasty

At the end; all seemed to drown in vain;

When conferred with incessant pain

You chose pride over love;

Comfort over battle and stature over care

I often ask myself. Why did I devote?

Recklessly and Carelessly; In

Too much love; And too much care

Picture Credit- Me

Is it wrong to love someone irrevocably?

Or, is it not apt to care for your love?

Is it not done to wait for someone you love?

Or, is it not fair to be honest with emotions?

I am trying to figure out simple answers

Life seems to be too long;

And I am running out of patience

You promised to be around; Always

Or, Did you simply run out of yours?

Picture Credit- Me

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  1. compositions of each and every photographs is beautiful.

  2. Such lines, such emotions... Too good. That's the age old question in love.. To wait... or to be practical and move on!! Many are stuck due to the distorted promises made during good times.
    You conveyed the message beautifully.

    1. Glad you liked it Lancelot. Thank you for dropping by. :)