Friday, 12 December 2014

At The End Of My Rainbow

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I have been running for ages and miles now. I am gasping, struggling to respire. They are clenching me hard by my arm. Not letting me move ahead. It’s dark and cold out here. I am in the middle of nowhere now. I see light at the end of the bay, stare hard, with eyes shut, crafting my options in my head. 

My feet are cold, my head hurts a great deal. I am unable to move forward. I have to reach to the light. Stop impairing me, my heart is bleeding. "This is your only chance", my brain yells at me. Pushing me hard to move ahead. I fall down again. Try to slither away.

Why don’t you go away? Why can’t you leave me alone? I ask the shadows, barring my course. I am drowning with them. In the deep hollow. It is dark and cold out here. I am in the middle of nowhere now. There is no water to swim, no air to imbue within. I break out of their grasp. Sprint, pound, whizz in double time.

I am at the end of the bay, touching the light. The brightness blinds my sight. I was unable to see then, I am unable to see now. The contrast creating ripples in my arteries. My heart racing vigorously, wanting to bounce out of my chest. I listen to the murmur but refuse to open my eyes. 

I seem to have strayed too far to retrieve you. I search for you in my every breath. You are now at the end of the rainbow. You are smiling at me, waiting for me, spreading your arms. I rush towards you. I wish I had wings. I could glide my way then. I am yet to open my eyes though.

I am in your embrace. I feel your warmth. Sheltered and guarded, I open my eyes. You are smiling at me. “Good morning sweetheart!” You greet me, kissing my eyes. I smile back. I see the sun high in the sky. I close my eyes, yet again. “Let’s sleep for some more time” I say.

My soul lost in ecstasy. Serenades. 

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  1. Simply superb! Beautiful read!

    1. Thank you for dropping by. Glad you liked it.